Cycling along the Tonghou River

A while back I wrote about cycling to Wulai and noted that the road continued on past the police checkpoint and up into the mountains. I took advantage of the perfect weather today to ride further up the road along the Tonghou River (桶后溪).

This area is popular with cyclists, hikers and people that just like to camp out or swim in the river. Being a weekend there were a few people around, but there was never a feeling that it was crowded. People must like coming up here because it provides a great experience of nature and quietness only a short distance from Taipei. The scenery really is superb, the river is crystal clear and there is no karaoke!

There are a number of great swimming holes along the way.

The river provides a chance for keen mountain bikers to test out their technical skills.

I was surprised this guy crossed the river and kept going on a road bike. The road is actually sealed and passable by car up to about a kilometre before this point though. Beyond here though I am not so sure… Victor at Cycle Taiwan has written an account of the trail beyond this point all the way to Yilan. It involves some difficult riding and it is necessary to carry your bike some of the way.

I posed for a group photo with this friendly family. They were busy catching and photographing butterflies and other insects. I headed back down to Wulai from here. Maybe next time I’ll head all the way to Yilan.

12 thoughts on “Cycling along the Tonghou River

  1. It must have been hot riding up those hills. I cycled about 50km along the coast on Saturday with no hills and was drenched in sweat by the end.

  2. Craig, I made an early start to avoid the heat and also the road is shaded much of the way. Coming back later in the morning it was getting pretty hot, but it was mostly down hill so the heat wasn’t such a problem.

  3. wow looks scenic – like the 3rd pic. never been to a waterfall like that – not high, yet wide 🙂 and the ppl so friendly 🙂

  4. QuaChee, the waterfall in that pic is actually a man-made weir. Amazing what you can do with a little concrete, isn’t it.

  5. I did the ride its quite incredible scenery, after the spot of the waterfall to the highest point in the trail is about 1 hour cycle and carry and then its incredible single track followed by dirt road and finally tarmac until you hit jiaoxi. The round trip cycling from xinzhuang – jiaoxi – xinzhuang was 170 km and took 11 hours. The worst bit is going up beiyi gonglu then through pinglin with tired legs. But well worth it.

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