Cosplay at Petit Fancy

Yesterday I went to Petit Fancy 8 at NTU to capture some of the cosplay action. Todd, Darren (also with a new WordPress blog) and Craig were also there and I suggest you check out their pics. Also have a look at Bryan Wu's photoset at flickr. I have uploaded more of my photos to the Petit Fancy 8 set at flickr. Also see my previous cosplay posts, Cosplay at NTU and Cosplay in Taipei

2 thoughts on “Cosplay at Petit Fancy

  1. You know, it is odd (well, not if you account for the Western/White-esque tinge of Anime) that the Asians often look further from the characters they are portraying than the Cosplayers I see here in the US.

    Someday…maybe I’ll be able to pull off Batou from Ghost in the Shell (but…have to work on my muscles and cyborg eyes a bit more).

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