Bikes galore at Taipei Cycle

TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, the venue for Taipei Cycle 2008

The Taipei International Cycle Exhibition opened today at the new TWTC Nangang Exhibition Centre. The show is the first event at the new exhibition hall. The new centre is large and spacious and has all the facilities one would expect including various restaurants. I was keen to see some of the new innovations and trends since last year's show and there was no shortage of amazing bikes on display. 

Chang Sheng Kai maker of CSK bikes at Taipei Cycle 2008

Chang Sheng Kai (張勝凱) is the maker of CSK bikes. All bikes are hand-built for elite cyclists. Mr Chang was a champion cyclist when he was younger. Now he just builds the bikes of champions! 

Streetsurfer bicycle designed for ice riding

At last year's show I saw the innovative StreetSurfer bike designed in Australia. The company had a display again this year. I couldn't quite figure out why the bike would have aluminium wheels. It was then explained to me that it was a bike designed for ice riding. The rear tire is rubber with studs. The Scandinavian market is eagerly awaiting this model!

StreetSurfer bikes incorporate Riasorb suspension technology. It uses a special polymer to maximise performance of the suspension system. Although it is currently being used in bikes it has potential applications in the automative, aviation and other industries.  

Sliding bike, an interesting variation on the folding bike, at Taipei Cycle 2008

Folding bikes seem to be very popular in Taiwan now. It is interesting to see the many variations in the folding design. The one pictured above is a sliding bike.

SwissBike - full size folding mountain bike

The SwissBike (photo supplied by manufacturer) is a full size mountain bike with a unique folding mechanism. The model in the photo is the SwissBike XO which retails for around US$2,000. 

Giant Bikes exhibition at Taipei Cycle 2008

Leading Taiwanese manufacturer Giant had a large stand at the show. Merida's stand was nearby.  

Sanground Taoyuan County bike at Taipei Cycle 2008

The Sanground company had all its different models named after counties in Taiwan. The Taoyuan County is pictured above. 

There is a free shuttle bus service from Kunyang MRT Station to the Nangang Exhibition Centre. Stage seven of the Tour de Taiwan will be held on a street circuit outside the exhibition centre on Saturday morning.  

*more photos in the Taipei Cycle 2008 set at flickr.  

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