Semester 2 at NCCU

Panorama of Muzha, Taipei City - taken from the roof of the General Building at NCCU

The new semester at NCCU started two weeks ago now. I am taking four subjects this semester. They are Economic Development of Taiwan, Social Development of Taiwan, Research Methods and Case Study. 

The content of the first two subjects is fairly self-explanatory. In Social Development we are planning a group project on the topic of racism and discrimination in Taiwan. I believe this issue is particularly important because of changing demographics in Taiwan; in particular the large number of immigrants from Southeast Asia and children born to mothers who are not native Taiwanese. In Economic Development I plan to write a paper about the links between economic development and increasing CO2 emissions in Taiwan. 

Case Study and Research Methods deal more with the how and why of research rather than focusing on a specific topic. Taking these two courses should enable me to develop my thesis topic and to have some good ideas about how to write it. 

NCCU has also launched a new International Doctor in Asia-Pacific Studies. This is a Ph.D. program taught in English. If you are interested in applying for this course or any of the others offered by NCCU the application period is on now. Check applications for admission 2008 for more details.  

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