2008 Presidential election links – special edition

First a look at what Taiwan bloggers have written about the election.

Photos: Craig has photos of the KMT’s victory celebration. The Taiwan Presidential election group at flickr provides a great visual record of the campaign activities. Also have a look at the 逆轉勝 group for some wonderful images of the DPP’s youth campaign (one of the few bright spots for the DPP).

Now on to media coverage of the election. Australian academic Bruce Jacobs has some suggestions for Ma Ying-jeou. The Taiwan News has an editorial on how the DPP can recover from defeat. Philip Bowering in the IHT writes the election is a new chance for Taiwan.

J. Peter Pham writing in the National Interest manages to put a positive spin on the referendum debacle (I think he’s missing something). The Taipei Times reports on a seminar organised by the Taiwan Democracy Foundation raising concerns about the referendum voting process (also see the Taiwan News).

Frank Hsieh has announced that he will resign as DPP chairman. Expect some major personnel changes in the DPP in the next few months. The next key things to watch for are whether President-elect Ma visits the US or other countries before he is sworn in on 20 May and who he appoints to the cabinet.

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