Images of old Taiwan

Vintage Formosa image of Taihoku from

I would like to announce a new website — Vintage Formosa — featuring 1,000 historical photos of Taiwan. It is hosted at the easy to remember domain name of The photos were collected by taipeimarc and I have hosted them on my server. 

13 thoughts on “Images of old Taiwan

  1. I am absolutely gobbsmacked by those photos of vintage Taiwan. All I remembered during my childhood years were about “China” in terms of history class.

  2. Thanks David. Most of the images are from the Japanese colonial era so people can gain a greater appreciation of what Taiwan was like at that time.

  3. Wow, what a collection! I’ll have to give this a longer browsing after work… Great work David and Marc!

  4. Nosta: Those Hsimenting photos came from a US military guy’s website:

    BTW1: If you go up a level to here: – There are many more cool photos from the 70s to be found. (links towards the bottom). You can find this link on the site also if you want to reference later. (MAAG LinkouNavy)

    BTW2: There is another good 1960s overview pic of the Hsimenting area here:

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