Hiking around Xindian & Maokong

Signpost to Simiantou Shan and Daliaokeng Shan on the hiking trail in Xindian

This morning I set out to explore some of the trails branching off from the Yinhe Cave trail. Above the Yinhe Cave (銀河洞) there is a branch of the trail pointing to Simiantou Shan (四面頭山). This trail is poorly made and there are no further signs. 

Simiantou Shan hiking trail along the creek

Part of the trail travels along the creek bed. 

Old wooden bridge on the Simiantou Shan hiking trail

When the trail reaches this old wooden bridge it branches in two directions. I initially took the branch to the left. It continues to follow the creek before going up.

Signpost to Shiliufen and Zhinan Elementary School near Erge Shan

I eventually came out on the shoulder between the peaks of Erge Shan (二格山) and Ejiaoge Shan (鵝角格山). The path I had come along had a sign pointing to Shiliufen (十六分) while in the other direction was the way to Zhinan Primary School and the Maokong Gondola Station. The peak of Erge Shan is topped by a huge electricity pylon while the peak of the Ejiaoge Shan is more natural. 

View of Taipei and Muzha from near the peak of Erge Shan in Maokong

The view from up here is great. In the above photo you can see the Maokong Gondola Station at the bottom right. Muzha and NCCU are visible in the centre while you can also see Taipei 101. There was quite a lot of haze so Yangmingshan isn't visible in the background.

Trees across the trail to Shiliufen

I returned along the Shiliufen trail that I had come up. When I got back to the old wooden bridge I explored the trail the branching off to the right.

Small shrine in a hole that has been carved into a large rock

I passed by this small shrine that had been placed in a hole cut out of a large rock. Not far past here I reached another mountain peak topped by a large electricity pylon. I am not sure if this was Simiantou Shan as there were no signs around. If the weather continues to be this fine I will be back in this area again very soon!  

*more photos at flickr.  

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