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Hikes and bikes on the MRT

Bike Smiling along Dunhua Road in Taipei City

There is some good news for cyclists from the Taipei MRT (via Rank). Cyclists can now take their bicycles on the blue line of the MRT. Some conditions still apply and it is only at certain stations. The MRT has also reduced the ticket price for bicycles and their riders to NT$80. Further details from the MRT website

To encourage passengers to visit scenic spots around Taipei on bikes, Taipei Metro has lowered its fare for passengers bringing bikes onboard the MRT during weekends and holidays from NT$100 to NT$80, per person and bike, and irrespective of the travel distance starting on Saturday, March 1, 2008. Taipei Metro has also increased the number of chartered stations where passengers are allowed to enter and exit the metro system with their bikes, from 15 to 27. The 12 newly chartered stations are located on the Banqiao, Nangang, Tuchen, and Xiaonanmen Lines.

This makes it a lot more convenient for cyclists all over Taipei to use the MRT to get out of the city. If you take the blue line out to Tucheng then you can easily ride out to Sanxia and beyond.

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Marc supplied me with a pdf version of the Taipei Metro’s Guide to Hiking and Cycling (5MB pdf file). This useful guide can sometimes be found in MRT stations. Some people might find it convenient to have it in a downloadable format. The guide gives details (in English) of hiking and cycling trails that are easily accessible from MRT stations. Marc pointed out to me that the guide is by no means complete as there are a number of trails not mentioned. There is a lot to discover in and around Taipei!

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Comment from Joe Gray
Time 28 February 2008 at 7:36 pm

Good News! Maybe soon Taiwan can emulate Holland where everyone rides a bike all over the place. Of course that country is a lot flatter without so many hills. Still, it is nice to see the health kick and popular notion in Taiwan of riding bikes. Good for the Taiwan and good for the bike manufacturers.