Cosplay in Taipei

Fancy Frontier cosplay at NTU in Taipei, 17 Feb 2008

Today I visited Fancy Frontier 11, the manga and anime exhibition at the NTU sports centre in Taipei. I didn't even go into the exhibition as much of the action takes place outside with Taiwan's cosplayers out in force along with a bunch of photographers to capture the spectacle. I also went last year and the page proves ever popular on this blog, as do the photos at flickr. I popped in to today's event and took some more photos. After all the cold weather recently it was nice that the sun was almost shining.

Cosplay at NTU - preparing the costume - 17 Feb 2008

Participants put a huge amount of time and effort into their costumes. Above you can see someone putting the final touches to their costume.  

A photographer working together with the cosplay model - NTU, taipei, 17 feb 2008

Photographers also put a lot of effort into capturing the cosplayers at their best. Both the photographer and the cosplayer are giving 100% here.

Colorful group of cosplayers at NTU, Taipei - 17 Feb 2008

This group shows off some wonderful costumes in different colors.  

Fancy Frontier cosplay girl at NTU in Taipei, 17 Feb 2008

For more cosplay photos you can visit my Cosplay in Taiwan photoset or check out the Taiwan Cosplay group at flickr. Also see Bryan Wu's Fancy Frontier 11 photoset.

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  2. Two years running and I keep coming back to these posts of yours and wondering how I missed it! I’ll be looking for an announcement from you in April. Terrific photography David. It looks like you had a blast!

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  5. I am going to Taipei in mid june. Any cosplay that I can catch in Taipei? Where is NTU in Taipei?


  6. pat, Fancy Frontier 12 is on 26-27 July at NTU. NTU is National Taiwan University. It is near the Gongguan MRT Station.

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