Taiwan News goes tabloid

Taiwan News now tabloidWhen I went to buy a newspaper this morning I noticed the Taiwan News was in tabloid format. I did a quick Google search and found this CNA report which says they changed to the new format on 1 January.

I guess it may be a cost cutting measure. Twenty tabloid pages cost less to produce than sixteen broadsheet pages. It may also be seeking to differentiate itself from Taiwan's two other English-language newspapers. There has also been a worldwide trend in recent years for broadsheet newspapers to reduce their size — either to a narrower broadsheet format or tabloid size. 

The Taiwan News is one of three daily English-language newspapers in Taiwan. The other two are the Taipei Times and the China Post. I wonder how much longer Taiwan's market can continue to support three newspapers, particularly with the intense competition that newspapers now face from the internet. I usually only buy a newspaper a couple of times a week, but read them online everyday. 

3 thoughts on “Taiwan News goes tabloid

  1. hi david i really love your blog, i am visiting taiwan in march to celebrate my dad’s retirement, even though he is from taiwan, i have never been there before, i don’t speak madarin is that going to be a problem for me?

  2. Plenty of people manage to live here for years without learning any of the local languages. You might face occassional frustrations, but I am sure you can manage.

    I hope you enjoy your visit to Taiwan.

  3. You will be fine visiting Taiwan without knowing Chinese or Taiwanese.. The locals are keen to learn English and will surely accommodate you. Best of luck and wish you a great visit!

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