Taiwan Google Earth Quiz

How well do you know the geography of Taiwan? The following five pictures were taken from Google Earth. They are all of well known and distinctive places in Taiwan. They are all on the  Taiwan mainland and not on any of the outlying islands. The answers can be found at the bottom of the post, but the text is hidden. Leave a comment to let me know how you scored.

Taiwan Google Earth Quiz photo 1

Photo 1 

Taiwan Google Earth Quiz photo 2

Photo 2 

Taiwan Google Earth Quiz photo 3

Photo 3 

Taiwan Google Earth Quiz photo 4

Photo 4 

Taiwan Google Earth Quiz photo 5

Photo 5 

Answers (highlight the text to see it)

  1. Cape Bitou (鼻頭角)
  2. Taichung HSR Station (台中高鐵站)
  3. Anping Fort (安平古堡)
  4. Su'ao Port (蘇澳港)
  5. National Palace Museum (國立故宮博物館)

7 thoughts on “Taiwan Google Earth Quiz

  1. Ha ha, that’s pretty cool David. Of course, I could only recognize the Taichung Station because I’ve driven under that blue bridge several times. Wishing you a Happy New Years!

  2. That was fun! The first one taxed me a bit, but I eventually got numbers one, two, and five…I have never been to, nor heard of, the two forts.

    What fun on New Years Eve! 新年快樂!

  3. Great post David
    That’s a really fun idea to post those images from Google Earth. I didn’t know the Taichung Station and I should have known Anping Fort since I’ve been there but I didn’t recognize it.

  4. This is a fun and creative game to play David. Thanks a lot I really enjoyed it. You should try it again with other Taipei landmarks.

  5. Thanks to everybody who tried the quiz and left a comment. I don’t think it was very easy. Anping Fort is not really that distinct on the snap shot from Google Earth. From above it doesn’t look much different from the average Taiwanese park.

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