Santa in Taipei

santa’s helpers on the street in taipei for a health promotion activity

Walking around near Taipei Station this morning a group of young ladies in Santa Claus costumes caught my eye. 

health promotion activity in Taipei

Taking a closer look I discovered that they were part of an event being run by the Bureau of Health Promotion (國民健康局). I was there at the time of the press conference. I guess the Santa costumes were a good way of making sure the event got some media attention. Or maybe the attractive young women were getting all the attention and the costumes were incidental.

Sign at health promotion activity in Taipei

The main point of the activity was to teach people that a waist measurement of less than 90cm for men and 80cm for women was healthy. They were also measuring blood pressure and cholestrol.  

waist measuring in the health promotion activity in Taipei

The gentleman above gets measured. Do you think he passed?  

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  1. Those are some cute looking Santa’s helpers.. You guys have all the fun up there in Taipei! We just put up some lights tonight, wishing you a Merry Christmas.

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