Links 26 November 2007

News: Australia has a new Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, who can speak Mandarin. He once studied in Taiwan, but I don't think he will do Taiwan any favors. Read this 2004 interview while he was the opposition spokesperson for foreign affairs where he clearly expresses his opposition to Taiwan independence. 

bent has lots of Taiwan blog links. Also check my shared items at Google Reader and I'll be back with more links next Monday.

4 thoughts on “Links 26 November 2007

  1. I was just reading an article about the exports of iron ore from Australia and it stated that about 53% go directly to China and only about 4% to Taiwan, so it’s a no wonder Australia (and a lot of other countries for that matter) are displaying preferential treatment for the mainland due to their massive appetite for resources.

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  3. Dammit I had a post about John&fish all typed and ready to post and then I see you’ve beaten me to it! Yes, J&F are truly amazing bird photographers.

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