Typhoon Krosa: superstorm

sign at Zhongshan MRT showing some exits closed because of Typhoon Krosa

Typhoon Krosa (颱風柯羅莎) hit Taiwan with great force on Saturday. At Zhongshan MRT Station on Saturday morning I found this sign. It says exits 3 & 4 were closed for the typhoon. The MRT was still running and 7-11 was still open though! And on Saturday afternoon the typhoon didn't stop the Free Burma protest from going ahead either. 

elevated level of the Xindian River at Bitan during Typhoon Krosa 6 October 2007

On Saturday afternoon around five o'clock I went for a bit of a walk around Bitan. The Xindian River had become a raging torrent. The water level was much higher than it was during the previous typhoons and storms this year. The photo above is the spot where you can catch a ferry to the other side of the river. Normally you need to walk down some steps to reach the river here.  

high level of the Xindian River during Typhoon Krosa

This photo illustrates very well how high the river level was.  

view from Bitan Bridge during Typhoon Krosa 6 October 2007

This photo was taken from the Bitan Bridge on Saturday at 5:30pm. Normally there is a wide stretch of concrete here where people walk and play. 

tree left by the Xindian River after Typhoon Krosa

On Sunday morning the typhoon had weakened and the rain in Taipei abated. The photo above shows that the level of the Xindian River had dropped significantly overnight, although it was still well above normal.

Xindian River at Bitan on Sunday morning after Typhoon Krosa

The view along the river in Bitan on Sunday morning.  

fishing in the Xindian River the morning after Typhoon Krosa

This guy obviously thought the flood waters would bring some fish.

rainfall in Taiwan on 6 October 2007 during typhoon Krosa photo from Central Weather BureauThis graphic from the Central Weather Bureau shows the rainfall in Taiwan on 6 October. All of northern Taiwan and the central mountains areas received very high rainfall. The Taiwan News reported the highest rainfall was at Taipingshan (太平山) in Yilan County where 1,005 millimetres of rain was recorded. Taidong escaped the typhoon, but the Taipei Times reports it experienced Foehn winds which raised the temperature to 36.3 degrees. There was also a tornado in Taidong. 

*more photos related to the typhoon can be found at flickr.  

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  1. man you guys got clobbered! David, your excellent reporting (as usual) clearly shows that the main threat from typhoons is not the wind, but the water. throughout the ages, countless people have prepared for high winds and hunkered down for the storm, only to be swept away by the inrush of storm surge. glad you made it though this killer!

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