Links 22 October 2007

fishing in the Xindian River at Bitan

Typhoon Krosa dumped a huge amount of rocks on the bend in the Xindian River at Bitan. It seems to have become a popular new fishing spot.

Media: The Taipei Times on Friday reported that the Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) has defined the boundaries of Aboriginal communities and set guidelines for the collection of forest products. This is in response to the Smangus case.

Blogs: Michael will have more links later this week. Also visit the Taiwan Blog Feed and Bloggers in Taiwan for more from the Taiwan blogosphere.  

3 thoughts on “Links 22 October 2007

  1. I notice you no longer link to Chinese Pod as you used to and that you’ve added a link to Chinese Learn Online. Is there some aspect of that service you think is better than CPod’s? I hadn’t heard of Chinese Learn Online before.

  2. Mark, I removed the link to Chinese Pod mainly because they discontinued their affiliate scheme. I was never an active user of it anyway. The link to Chinese Learn Online was mainly because it was an informative blog post rather than an endorsement of their podcast.

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