Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery

Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery (靈鷲山) was established by Master Hsin Tao (心道法師) after he came to the mountain to practice meditation in 1983. It is located on the mountainside high above Fulong (福龍) on Taiwan's northeast coast. 

Buddha Eye Gate at Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery in Taiwan

Buddha Eye Gate (天眼門) welcomes visitors to the monastery. It is built in a Tibetan style and the pillars are adorned with a variety of religious symbols. 

Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery is built into the side of the mountain with stunning ocean views

Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery is built into the side of the mountain with stunning views along the northeast coast and out over the Pacific Ocean.   

view of fulong from ling jiou mountain monastery

The view of Fulong from the mountain is awesome.

Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery stupas and golden Guan Yin Bodhisattva

Many stupas cover the mountain and there is a large golden Guan Yin statue. In the distance you can see the eleven-faced Guan Yin on the peak of the mountain.  

Ling Jiou Mountain two deer and Dharma Wheel on roof

Dharmachakra flanked by two deer. The view of the Pacific Ocean stretches out in the distance.  

Reclining Buddha statue at Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery Taiwan

The reclining Buddha statue is unique. Most reclining Buddha statues are lying on their right side, but this one is lying on the left.

Patriarch Temple at Ling Jiou Mountain Monastery in Taiwan

The Patriarch Temple (祖師殿) is the oldest building at Ling Jiou Mountain. There is a small cave next to it were Master Hsin Tao stayed in retreat for two and a half years after he came to the mountain in 1983. 

Temple of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva at Ling Jiou Mountain in Taiwan

The Great Relics Stupa at the centre of the Ksitigarbha (Earth Bodhisattva; 地藏菩薩) Park. It is built in the style of the ancient stupa in Deer Park, Sarnath, India. 

Fulong beach in Taipei County

Fulong beach had few people on it even though the weather was glorious. It was almost exactly one year since my last visit. The fourth nuclear power plant, still under construction, is now quite visible at the end of the beach.

Now is a great time to visit the northeast coast. The Caoling Historic Trail Silvergrass Festival (2007草嶺古道芒花季) is being held from 1-30 November and the TRA is offering a special day ticket to make it easier to enjoy some of the many attractions in the area. 

* more photos of Ling Jiou Mountain at flickr.

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  1. Nice report and photos. It looks like an interesting place. I’ll have to try and visit it sometime.

    If you ever get the chance, you should try to go to the Baima temple in Yunlin.

    It’s possible to get to it by train, although it does require a bit of walking along a busy, dusty road, and then down a smaller road through pineapple fields. There’s also an old Shinto shrine near the train station and so decent hiking.

  2. Oh, forgot to say. The Baima temple is the largest Tibetan temple in Taiwan. I didn’t see any Tibetans monks there, but there were a few members of the Thai sangha visiting when I was there.

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