Free Burma protest in Taipei

Free Burma protest in Taipei, 6 OCtober 2007

6 October was declared Global Day of Action in support of the democracy movement in Burma.  Despite the strong winds and rain bought by Typhoon Krosa the protest went ahead in Taipei this afternoon. More than 100 people braved the inclement weather to show their support for democracy and human rights in Burma.  

Ven. Chao Hwei interviewed by the media at the Free Burma action in Taipei

Most of the students from Buddhist Hongshi College (佛教弘誓學院) joined the protest. The photo above shows Ven. Chao Hwei being interviewed by the media at the start of the protest march. Ven. Chao Hwei was born in Burma. She wrote an article about Burma which was published in the China Times (中國時報) last Sunday (30 September).

Ven. Shing Guang holding the banner during the protest

The march set off from the Taipei City Council building on Ren'ai Road. Despite the strong winds everybody walked together and chanted slogans. 

Free Burma protest in Taipei during Typhoon Krosa, 6 Oct 2007

Due to the weather conditions the planned march was cut short. My thoughts during the march were that the difficulties with the weather were small compared with the violence faced by the people of Burma. 

*more photos at flickr

Update: The Taiwan News and Taipei Times both have reports on the march. Also some more photos.  

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