Adoration of Shepherds exhibition opening

banner for the exhibition Adoration of Shepherds at the Museum of World Religions

This afternoon I attended the opening of a new special exhibition at the Museum of World Religions (世界宗教博物館) in Yonghe. The exhibition is titled “A painting, A Story: Adoration of Shepherds” (聖誕圖 ~一幅畫的故事).

The centrepiece of the exhibition is the original painting Adoration of the Shepherds by Luca Giordano. It also features prints of many paintings related to the birth of Jesus. It is laid out in an interesting manner. It also includes a cartoon which explains many of the details of the Giordano painting (but it’s only in Chinese). There is also a lightbox/digital display which allows visitors to contrast various works of the “Adoration of shepherds”. The exhibition runs until 27 April 2008.

musicians performing at the exhibition opening at the MWR

The photo above shows three musicians performing during the opening. The guests included the representative of the Holy See in Taipei and several other Catholic priests.