Interesting weather

It seems a little unusual that it is August and Taiwan has just experienced its first typhoon or tropical storm of the year. Tropical storm Pabuk hit the island yesterday and today with heavy rains falling on the east coast. I haven't seen reports of how much damage the storm caused but it should have brought some relief to farmers in Taidong who were experiencing a drought. 

I took a few photos yesterday and today to try and capture some of the effects of the storm here in Taipei.  

clouds over Bitan 7 August 2007

This photo was taken at Bitan yesterday evening (7 August). The cloud formation is very beautiful. Click on the photo to see a large version at flickr. Anchime, one of my contacts at flickr, took a wonderful photo of what I guess is the same cloud.  

water flowing over the spillway at the Bitan Bridge, Xindian, 8 Aug 2007

Here is the water pouring over the spillway at the Bitan Bridge this evening. Compare this photo with another one I took following heavy rains in June this year. 

panorama shot of Bitan Bridge 2007-08-08

And here is a wide angle view of the Bitan Bridge. Again click on the photo to see the large size at flickr.

clouds above the Xindian River on 8 August 2007 panorama

There were also some beautiful clouds in the sky this evening. The weather was strange — sunshine broken by intermitten showers of rain.  

typhoon warning from Taiwan Central Weather Bureau site at 20:18 on 8 August 2007. It shows tropical storms Pabuk and Wutip.

Don't put away your umbrellas yet. A second tropical storm, Wutip, is forecast to hit Taiwan in the next few days. The image above comes from the Central Weather Bureau. I recommend this website to keep up to date with the latest typhoon information. 

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  1. I was just talking to my parents back home in a very hurricane prone part of the US, and they were saying the same thing there. There have only been three named systems (none hurricanes) and only ONE has made landfall. This doesn’t seem to be too far behind last year, but way behind 2005 when there were TWENTY-EIGHT named systems, seven of which were major hurricanes (fifteen hurricanes in total).

    It’s quite strange.

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