After the storm

Typhoon Sepat (聖帕颱風) hit Taiwan yesterday. It seems that Taiwan has been lucky to escape any serious damage though. The Taiwan News reports:

Typhoon Sepat pounded Taiwan with strong winds and torrential rain yesterday, leaving 590,000 homes without power at one stage, injuring 24 people and forcing more than 1,500 to evacuate their homes.

map of rainfall in Taiwan on 18 August 2007 - the day of Typhoon SepatThe image from the Central Weather Bureau shows the rainfall in Taiwan for 18 August. Many areas received over 300 mm of rain. To put it in perspective, that's about half the annual rainfall of where I live in Australia. The Taipei Times reports today:

From midnight through 2pm yesterday, accumulated rainfall had reached 727mm in Hualien County, 636mm in Ilan County, 363mm in Taipei County, 346mm in Taoyuan County, 331mm in Taichung County, 322mm in Nantou County, 307mm in Hsinchu County, 294mm in Kaohsiung County, 266mm in Taitung County and 262mm in Chiayi County, CWB data showed.

tree branches on a taxi in Xindian following Typhoon Sepat

The rain and wind had finally stopped this morning so I took a walk with my camera to survey the local area. The photo above shows some branches from a tree blown over a taxi, but I don't think the taxi was damaged.  

tree blown over in Xindian by Typhoon Sepat

Another tree blown over by the storm. As far as I could see the damage in the local area was pretty much limited to branches being blown off trees. water flowing over the spillway under the Bitan Bridge in Xindian after Typhoon Sepat

A large volume of water was flowing over the spillway below the Bitan Bridge. You can compare this photo with the ones taken during Tropical Storm Pabuk earlier this month.

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