Flickr now in Chinese

flickr chinese language version front page

My favorite photo sharing website, flickr, has gone international and launched a traditional Chinese character (繁體中文) version. This coincides with with the launch of flickr in seven new languages: French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. You can read more about it on the flickr blog.

footer of flickr showing language selection links

Selecting the language of your choice is easy. There are links at the bottom of every page. 

I also recently signed up for Zooomr following its launch of Mark III. I uploaded a few photos but was unimpressed. There seem to be no shortage of features, but some of them didn't work. I couldn't rotate an image through 90 degrees and the tags did not insert during uploading. 

Zooomr also offers a similar choice of languages to flickr with both simplified and traditional Chinese versions. But I think they need to improve their reliability if they really want to challenge flickr for its crown.