Discovering the Taipei Artist Village

Taipei Drum group perform at TAV

Today I visited the Summer Open Studio of the Taipei Artist Village (TAV; 台北國際藝術村). TAV is an artist village that promotes international exchanges with other artist villages around the world. Artists from about 32 countries have come to Taiwan as artists-in-residence at TAV. The Open Studio is held four times a year. However, the TAV holds other events and exhibitions throughout the year. 

Taipei Drum performing at TAV Summer Open Studio

The event began at two o'clock with a drumming performance by Taipei Chi Drum (台北極鼓擊). It was quite impressive. The group had lots of energy and looked like they really enjoyed performing. 

The Open Studio gives visitors the chance to go into each artist's studio, talk to the artists and see some of their work. There is a wide range of artists at the village and they work with various media. Several artists showed projected videos or photos of their work.

Artist Clinton Turner Davis with a budding young artist at TAV in Taipei

I visited a number of artists' studios. However, the most memorable was that of Clinton Turner Davis, an artist from New York. Clinton works in the dramatic arts and he is currently writing a play based on the famous Vietnamese poem, The Tale of Kieu.

Clinton has a wonderfully engaging and friendly personality. He used puppets to break down the language and communication barriers. The photo above shows Clinton with a seven year old boy Steven, who came into the studio with his mother. Clinton first began talking to him with the puppet. He was very shy. Clinton then asked him to do a painting for him. The boy seemed a little hesitant at first, but once he had the brush in his hand he displayed a wonderful sense of confidence. He painted the picture above which was of two butterflies. 

The Open Studio is also on tomorrow (Sunday 24 June) from 2:00 to 6:30 pm. The Taipei Artist Village is at No. 7 Beiping East Road (台北市北平東路7號). It is a short walk from the Shandao Temple MRT Station. 

6 thoughts on “Discovering the Taipei Artist Village

  1. I think I saw Clinton Turner Davis at the Dragon Boat Festival, giving shoulder massages to various people. Didn’t realise who he was though.

  2. Oh my god…why didn’t I hear about this sooner?! The Open Studio sounds awesome! I have been trying to figure out if I can take an art class or two through ShiDa…

  3. Somimi, did you sign up for any of the “culture classes” at Shi-Da? They have calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, name chop engraving and maybe a few others. I think they start next week so maybe there is still time to register.

    As for finding out about events around Taipei I suggest reading the Taipei Times on Fridays, checking the events forum at and, in a shameless bit of self promotion, read my blog and the events calendar at Taiwanderful.

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  5. I’m online looking for information about the artists village or community in Nan Tou (ZhongXing Xin Cun). There’s very little information even about TAV, and nothing I’ve yet found about other places. Thanks for writing this piece. It’s the tip of the iceberg of huge, but seemingly hidden creative resources both Taiwanese and foreign around Taiwan. I’d appreciate any leads to other artists’ communities in Taiwan.

  6. Jane, sorry I can’t help you with information about the Artists Village in Nantou. Perhaps someone else who reads this blog might be able to give you a better answer.

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