X-cup, Poagao and foreign creators in Taiwan

cover of X-CUP magazine April 2007 editionA post by Poagao on his blog today alerted me to the latest issue of X-CUP magazine. The April 2007 edition of the magazine is a special feature on "Foreign creators in Taiwan" (外國創作者in台灣). One of the featured artists is Poagao himself, although he does point out that he is not really a foreigner. 

Poagao writes a little about the interview on his blog and includes a link to a pdf file of the article (in Chinese). I like the opening line (original text in Chinese followed by my translation):


Many people say that my photos reveal the beauty in Taipei's ugliness. It's a pity that so many people have such a negative view of Taipei because they cannot see that I am in the midst of discovering beauty. 

One of the other artists featured in the magazine is Tobie Openshaw, who readers of this blog will know of for his betel nut beauty photos. I don't know any of the other artists featured in the magazine, but they include photographers, graffiti artists, illustrators and installation artists. 

The magazine is in Chinese, so if you can read Chinese go and pick up a copy at your local 7-Eleven for NT$100. Even if you can't read Chinese the quality of the artwork and design makes it still worth a look.

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  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the link to the Video about the lanterns, That looks like it alright. Might try to source out the programme i saw too.

    I like your blog, looks like an interesting view into Taiwan!

    Thanks again

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