Taiwan on Lonely Planet TV

screen shot of Joshua Samuel Brown on Lonely Planet TV

Lonely Planet TV is now out of beta and has officially launched.

There are already a few videos of Taiwan. Lonely Planet author Joshua Samuel Brown introduces Taipei in a Guerilla Guide. Joshua writes on his blog that he recorded the interview in front of a blue screen in Melbourne, not on the streets of Taipei that he talks about. 

I have uploaded a short video of the high speed rail and there is also a video of the Lantern Festival in Pingxi.  

2 thoughts on “Taiwan on Lonely Planet TV

  1. Brilliant. I love that video. I feel like I could spend days in websites like that, trying to share other people’s world adventures.

  2. Man, I want to get the publishing package that guy got. Amazon adsense ads for his book are all over the place, throughout all the Taiwan blogosphere.

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