Tour de Taiwan finishes in Taipei

a rider from the Australian Drapac Porsche team before the start of the final stage

This morning I went to watch the final stage of the Tour de Taiwan. The stage was a criterium held on a one kilometre street circuit around the Taipei City Hall. A criterium is probably the one of the best ways for spectators to view a cycling race as the riders whizz past every minute or so and it is easy to see who is in the lead.  

five riders break away in the final stage of the tour de taiwan 2007

The race got underway a little after ten o'clock and a break away of five riders quickly established itself. They gradually built a lead on the main peloton that grew to 50 seconds with about 22 laps of the 60 lap race remaining. At that point the chief commissaire decided to stop the peloton and allow the five leaders two more laps to decide the result. 

Hirose Satoshi winner of stage 7 of the tour de taiwan 2007

This resulted in some confusion among the riders. Although the decision did not end up affecting the general classification. The end result was Japanese rider Hirose Satoshi from the Aisan Racing Team took out the stage. 

Shawn Milne overall winner of the Tour de Taiwan 2007

The overall victory in the 2007 Tour de Taiwan went to US rider Shawn Milne from the Health Net presented by Maxxis team who had led going into the stage. Milne also won the green jersey for the best sprinter.

The other results of the race were Yakovlev Yevgeniy from the Indonesian Polygon team won the blue jersey for the best Asian rider. Peng Kui-hsiang (彭貴祥) from the Giant Asia Racing Team won the white jersey for the best placed Taiwanese rider. The Continental Cycling team from Luxembourg was first in the teams classification.  

It was great to see a quality international cycling event in Taipei, but it is a pity the crowds were so small. You can see many more photos of the event at flickr

UPDATE: Final results of the event can be found at There were also articles in the Taiwan News and Taipei Times.  

I also posted a short video of the race at YouTube.  

3 thoughts on “Tour de Taiwan finishes in Taipei

  1. Hi David,
    I would have loved to joined you to watch the race, but I really had no idea this event was taking place today.

    Lack of promotion means another botched opportunity for Taiwan, home of several world class bicycle manufacturers. Its strange that if you turn on ESPN every so often you can catch a great bike race, like the tours in Malaysia, but here in Taiwan, it is a non-event. When will they figure this out?

    I know the Tour of Taiwan has been going on for many years and Taiwan has spectacular scenery for a high quality race, but the organizers just seem to be so in the dark about promoting this event. – marc

  2. Marc, there was a crew from ESPN covering the race, but I agree the promotion of the event was poor. They had a field of quality riders. The teams from Australia, the US and Europe were top class and some of the Asian riders were also very competitive.

    I think for all the brains and talent in Taiwan they are a lot of simple things that they don’t seem to be able to get right. It is so easy to register the domain name and set up a decent website in English, but try even finding the official website. Then once you get to it it is difficult to get any useful information.

    I saw a few flags around Taipei promoting the event, but none of them showed the exact time and location of the race. It annoys me to see that just a little more attention to detail could make things so much better.

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