New Taiwan blog: Thirsty Ghosts

screenshot of Thirsty Ghosts - a blog about Taiwan

Ron Brownlow from the Taipei Times informed me about a new group blog Thirsty Ghosts. It features writing and photos by Taiwan-based journalists, photographers and translators, currently writing for Newsweek, Reuters, Taipei Times, Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia Times and other publications.

One of the recent articles is Ron's piece about otaku that appeared in the Taipei Times last Friday. Some other articles include one about the problem of students cheating in exams in Taiwan and misuse of firearms by police in Taiwan (photo in the screenshot above), both by Max Hirsch. I am sure this blog will continue to feature high quality journalism about Taiwan and highly recommend it. 

3 thoughts on “New Taiwan blog: Thirsty Ghosts

  1. It’s a great read, looks like a wonderful project.

    But… why? why blogspot? they won’t be able to get any real exposure this way. Geeezzz… ask them if they need someone to open a real blog for them (free).

  2. I kind of wondered the same thing. I’d like to see Thirsty Ghosts somewhere where they can get a little more. Other than that, it looks like a great blog. Thanks for letting us know.

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