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GoGoGo: reflectionThe launch of Taiwanderful – the Taiwan Guide means that I have another blog at Taiwanderful. Don't worry, David on Formosa is not going to disappear. The two sites will complement each other.

I have already made a couple of posts at the Taiwanderful blog. One introduces some of the events on the event calendar. The other highlights some of the content of David's Guide to Taiwan. I will continue to use the Taiwanderful blog for these two purposes. There is also a feature of Taiwanderful that allows blog posts to be incorporated into the guides as book pages. If I create a new book page that I think is also suitable as a blog post then I will post it on the Taiwanderful blog. 

As an example of how the two sites can work together, after visiting the exhibition of Tasmanian art on Sunday I wrote about it here. I also added a new page about the National Museum of History at Taiwanderful. I will also add links to related content from Taiwanderful here just like I might add links to my photo gallery or flickr.

Remember that anyone can register at Taiwanderful and start their own blog, post events on the calendar, add weblinks or create their own guide.  

6 thoughts on “David’s blog at Taiwanderful

  1. Hi David,
    I think Taiwanderful looks wonderful and I’m really glad you’re keeping David on Formosa. This is one of my favorite blogs and I recommend it to anyone coming to Taiwan or who has questions to ask.

    I’ve recently joined Taiwandeful as a member and I’ve been holding back on submitting entries because I want to see how you are managing to incorporate your posts here and there. So far, you’re doing an admirable job. I think the time will soon come for me to submit my own private thoughts and travel experiences in Taiwan.

  2. Carrie, thanks for you comments. If you have any questions about Taiwanderful or anything on my blog just let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

  3. Thanks David and since you have offered, I do have a few questions. The posts that I’ve written about my travels in Taiwan are informative for the reader (I hope) but also portray a personal journey. Should I add to your travel articles on Taiwanderful or should I start another book for personal accounts of travel in Taiwan? Taiwanderful is your baby, so what would you like to see happen?

    My other question is this. When do you switch your articles over to Taiwanderful? Do you post here first and then send them over to Taiwanderful or do you do everything at the same time? I’m a new blogger so I’m still trying to generate traffic and readers. I hope you understand where I’m coming from. I want to enjoy traffic on my own blog for these articles first and then I thought I’d submit to Taiwanderful. Any thoughts?

  4. Carrie, the important thing about Taiwanderful is that it is a community site. It is not just David’s Guide to Taiwan — anyone can contribute. If you feel your content would fit into the travel section of David’s Guide to Taiwan you can post it there. If you want to start your own guide and expand it with more posts over time you’re welcome to do that too. You can always move the posts around if you change your mind.

    The history of David’s Guide to Taiwan goes back much further than this blog. Although I may copy a few of the blog posts into Taiwanderful most of the content is not the same.

  5. Thanks for your reply David. Where do you find the time to write seperate posts for two different websites? Your information is top-notch and I’ve based several of my own excursions on the information you have posted on David on Formosa.

  6. Carrie, I started writing David’s Guide to Taiwan long before I had the blog. I also created a similar website about my travels in China. Since I started blogging regularly I spent less time updating the website. Now at Taiwanderful editing is a much simpler process so I can easily update the existing articles.

    When I visit somewhere or do something that I plan to write about on my blog I will make an active effort to gather some useful information and incorporate that into the blog or Taiwanderful. I may also do some additional research before or after the visit.

    I don’t post on my blog every day, so it does not constantly drain my time. Although it does take time to create each post.

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