A new guide to Taiwan

I am proud to announce the launch of a new website Taiwanderful – the Taiwan Guide. The new site is the result of a collaboration between myself and fiLi from Israel.  

fiLi is the technical brains behind it all and he has done a great job in creating a wonderful portal for information about Taiwan. Much of the content has come from my website David's Guide to Taiwan. However, the new site is rich in features that really expand and enrich the content. These features include a weblink directory, events calendar, forums and community blog

Most importantly Taiwanderful is a community website. Anybody can register and contribute new information or edit existing content. All updating and editing can be done in a rich text editor so there is no need to be familiar with any special code.  

Taiwanderful supports contributors through revenue sharing and referrals rewards based on Google Adsense, so that if you sign up and add content or refer new users then you will be rewarded with revenue for your contribution.

The new site has also allowed me to update and add some new content to David's Guide to Taiwan. Although there is already quite a lot of content there the information is very Taipei-centric. I hope people from other parts of Taiwan can contribute to the new site at Taiwanderful and make this a resource for all of Taiwan.  

I invite you to visit the new site and register and contribute. fiLi and I welcome your feedback and comments.

7 thoughts on “A new guide to Taiwan

  1. Wow, it looks like a very big and very commercial undertaking. Since you’ll be sharing half of your revenue with your contributors, you may be able to get people to contribute more than they would for Forumosa or Taiwanease: the knowledge. Good luck!

    I notice that the site uses Drupal, the same CMS as my Taiwan Blog Feed. It’s even got the same aggregator module. Seeing Taiwanderful really makes me feel like I’ve been lazy in adding features to the TBF. Oh, well.

    By the way, I had thought that you were going to add a CMS to this site. Surely, you aren’t going to let the “taiwan-guide.org” domain name go without a Taiwan guide?

  2. Mark, originally we planned to host Taiwanderful at http://www.taiwan-guide.org but somewhere along the way things changed. One of the reasons for registering Taiwanderful was to have a domain independent of the hosting service in case we need to move the site some time in the future.

  3. PR, I will continue blogging at “David on Formosa”. I will post something here later in the week about how I will use Taiwanderful in relation to this blog.

  4. Jimmy, thanks for the links. It is nice to know people are creating these kinds of websites in languages other than English. It can help even more people access information about Taiwan.

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