Taoyuan train trip

Banqiao HSR Station in the early morning

I got up early this morning and caught the 7:25 high speed train from Banqiao to Taoyuan. I didn't really want to go to Taoyuan for any special reason. I just thought I would take another ride on the high speed train and then return via the regular train.

Platform of Taoyuan HSR Station

Travelling from Banqiao to Taoyuan the train passes through a number of tunnels and in about ten minutes the trip was over. The next time I take the high speed train I must go at least as far as Taizhong to get a longer experience. The Taoyuan HSR Station, like Banqiao, is also underground.   

High speed train at Taoyuan HSR Station

I took this photo of the train in Taoyuan Station. Notice the dirty marks on the front. They are probably a result of hitting birds.

High Speed Rail Taoyuan Station

The station was eerily quiet. In a few years there will be a rapid transit line here with connections to Zhongli, the airport and Taipei. Maybe there will be a bit more action then. I had breakfast at MOS Burger and wandered around the station for a while taking photos. 

Taoyuan HSR - Taoyuan International Airport bus

The photo above shows the bus that runs between the HSR Station and the Taoyuan International Airport. I took a different bus to the centre of Taoyuan City. There were buses to the airport, Taoyuan and Zhongli. They leave every hour or so, which matches the current frequency of trains on the HSR. 

Shop of dairy in Taoyuan

It cost NT$30 for the trip to Taoyuan by bus. There were only two passengers when the bus left the station, but it picked up quite a few passengers along the way. I was astounded when the bus passed a huge shed full of Fresian dairy cows. I didn't manage to get a good shot of the cows, but I caught the shop next door to the dairy.

Local train of TRA in Taiwan

The Qujian Che (區間車) of the Taiwan Railways is a stark contrast to the sleekness of the high speed train. The railway station in Taoyuan was buzzing, a stark contrast to the almost deserted HSR Taoyuan Station. The return journey to Banqiao was standing room only. 

8 thoughts on “Taoyuan train trip

  1. Surprising, because the TRA counters in Banqiao were deserted yesterday. There were a lot of people buying tickets for the HSR train though.

    I took the HSR train from Hsinchu to Taichung and back, with a nine minute layover. I enjoyed it and would take it every time, however the HSR station in Hsinchu (Jhubei actually) is so far out, that taking the HSR train is barely worth the 20-30 minute commute, depending on traffic, to the station.

    (my wife finds it funny that I like the HSR train so much)

    I wouldn’t mind traveling to Germany and trying out the maglev train they got there. I tried the skytrain in Bangkok and it was enjoyable, though over air-conditioned.

  2. range, the Thai people love their air-conditioning super cold. I always liked the sky train in Bangkok though. No matter how hot and sweaty you were, within moments of boarding the train you would be dry and cool.

    I also think the future success of the HSR really hinges on the development of transport links to and from the stations. Like you said the Hsinchu HSR Station takes time to get to reducing the time advantages of the HSR.

  3. How much was the HSR ticket to Taoyuan? Also how much time did it take you to get into the city, including the bus trip from the HSR station?

  4. From Banqiao to Taoyuan it cost NT$130. It is NT$160 from Taipei to Taoyuan.

    The bus from the HSR Station to the centre of Taoyuan took about 25 minutes.

  5. David: Yeah, it was good to be able to cool down immediately after walking around in the city. The skytrains are good, but the whole system isn’t developed enough. If I remember, it opened in 2004. I didn’t have time to wander into the MRT system of Bangkok.

  6. Can i ask how long is the journey from taoyuan airport to taoyuan HSR? do let me know cos im leaving real soon. next week 😀

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