Some English teaching links

bicycles parked near the Banqiao MRT Station

Back when I started this blog I had the intention of writing a lot more about English teaching. However, it hasn't really featured much on the list of topics I write about. Here are some links to other Taiwan bloggers who have written about teaching English in Taiwan. 

2 thoughts on “Some English teaching links

  1. Hey David, thanks a lot for the mention. End of semester means I am publishing most of what I used last semester online. There is a lack of all these types of lesson plans in my opinion.

  2. Hi David,
    Thanks for the link. I have four years of tried and true games, songs and lesson plans gleaned from teachers, websites and most importantly, my own experiences. Now that I\’m on vacation, I finally have the time to sort, revise and post everything. I\’m glad you found \’Survivor\’ helpful. My students ask for this game all the time.

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