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Dahu Park in Neihu with Yangmingshan in the background

On the links page there is quite a long list of blogs. I recently split it into two sections, Taiwan blogs in English (英文的台灣部落客) and 中文台灣部落客 (Taiwan blogs in Chinese).

The latter section is quite short at the moment. In fact it only has three blogs.

I hope to add more links to blogs about Taiwan written in Chinese. If you would like to add your blog to the list leave a comment below. You can also link to my blog from your blog and I will see your incoming link at Technorati or send me an e-mail. 

Update: Thanks to a comment from Mark and another blog discovered via the cosplay at NTU this afternoon I have added a few more blogs to the list. I didn't know Poagao had a Chinese blog and I was even more surprised to discover his latest post mentioned me!

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  1. TC and I also have Chinese blogs. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen them. Mine is pretty infrequently updated, though.

    Also PR blogs in Chinese, too. You could get his Chinese posts just by linking to the 中文 category

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