Cosplay at NTU

Cosplay at NTU - beautiful costume full length shotOver the weekend there was a cosplay and manga (漫畫) exhibition at the Sports Centre of NTU. Inside the sports centre there was a great array of stalls selling all kinds of manga and cosplay related books and paraphernalia.

However, the real action was outside where huge numbers of people gathered to do cosplay. Cameras were snapping off everywhere as people posed in their elaborate and beautiful costumes.

For those who don’t know what cosplay is a brief explanation is due. Cosplay is a contraction of the English words “costume” and “play”. It originated in Japan where people dress up as characters from manga, anime and video games. It is now quite popular in many countries around the world including Taiwan.

Here are some photos I took today. You can find some more at flickr.

Cosplay at NTU - beautiful costume

I thought this young lady’s costume was exquisite. I am not sure which character she is playing, but it reminded me of the costumes of some of the ethnic groups of Southern China.

Cosplay at NTU - painted black

While many Taiwanese are obsessed with making their skin white, this guy was painted black.

Cosplay at NTU - girl with attitude

This girl shows some real attitude.

Cosplay at NTU - group

6 thoughts on “Cosplay at NTU

  1. I think it’s the F6 or 7, I already loose the count.

    I wanted to cosplay las December but I couldn’t with the school and my mom visiting me. Maybe next time 🙂

    I have some pics of some previous cosplay at NTU in my flickr.

    See Ya

    PS: 諸事順利

  2. These are great photos David. I’m sorry I missed this. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to go to Japan to see their famous Harujuko Girls. I didn’t know cosplay was alive and flourishing in Taiwan. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the next exhibition.

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  4. Cosplayers are so awesome. It takes so much guts to be willing to possibly embarrass yourself by dressing up like another character- especially some with very “interesting” outfits.

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