At the book fair

Books from Russia - at the Taipei International Book Exhibition 2007

Russian Literature is the theme of the 2007 Book Exhibition 

I went to the Taipei International Book Exhibition today. There were plenty of books there to see (and buy). The exhibition can rightly call itself international as there were stands from many different countries in the international section including Australia, Iran and Poland. 

cover of Quanqiu Tong Hanyu Pinyin by Far East book company

Far East Pinyin Quickstart Guide (遠東漢語拼音全球通)

I was particularly interested in looking for Chinese language learning materials at the exhibition. I was disappointed to find that there were very few books on display. Only the Far East Book Company had a good selection of books and language learning software. It was there I found the interesting book in the photo above. The Far East Pinyin Quickstart Guide (遠東漢語拼音全球通) is written in Chinese to teach people how to correctly use Hanyu Pinyin. I hope it becomes a bestseller in Taiwan!

A History of Taiwan in Comics published by Third Nature Publishing Co

A History of Taiwan in Comics (認識台灣歷史)

Another interesting stand was the Third Nature Publishing Company. They publish the ten volume bilingual (Chinese and English) A History of Taiwan in Comics (認識台灣歷史). They also publish a range of books about environmental topics. 

Dharma Drum Mountain books at Taipei Book Fair 2007

Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (法鼓山) stand at the book exhibition 

There were also a number of Buddhist publishers with stands. It was interesting to see that they featured not just titles written by well-known Taiwanese Buddhist teachers, but translations of books written by Buddhist teachers from the West.  

models acting as the characters from Nana

Two models dressed as the characters in Nana

The second exhibition hall was dedicated to comics (漫畫 or manga) and was lively and colorful. The two models in the photo above were acting as the characters in the Japanese manga (and movie) Nana. This area was popular with the younger crowd. The third exhibition hall was for children's books, but I didn't have time to visit it. 

Comics on sale at the Taipei International Book Exhibition

Comics on sale at the exhibition 

The exhibition runs until Sunday (4 February).  

6 thoughts on “At the book fair

  1. Great! There are more and more exciting program in Tw, and I’m sitting at home…

    “I hope it becomes a bestseller in Taiwan!” Indeed!

  2. thanks for this heads up. That comic book series on TWN history looks very interesting. Did you notice if it uses bo po mo fo? btw, where is the book fair?

  3. PR, the comic books don’t use bo po mo fo. However, they do have both English and Chinese so they should be easy to read.

    The book fair is at the Taipei World Trade Centre (near Taipei 101). Sorry if I neglected to mention that important detail.

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