Trip to Jinguashi

There has long been one place high on my to visit list in the north of Taiwan. That place is Jiufen (九份) and the nearby Jinguashi (金瓜石) and I finally made it there today. 

view along the coast from Jiufen, Taipei County

It was mid-afternoon when I arrived. I only quickly passed through Jiufen. Although I stopped long enough to enjoy the delightful view back along the coast towards Keelung.

view from Jinguashi, Taipei County

Next I headed for Jinguashi where the views where even more spectacular. Jinguashi is home to the Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區). The Park preserves some of the area's Japanese era buildings and contains a museum which tells the story of gold mining in the area. As it was already late in the day I didn't buy a ticket to go into the museum. You can still walk around the park and enjoy the magnificent views. 

remains of old Shinto Temple in Jinguashi

Higher up on the hill above the park is the remains of an old Shinto temple. It was worth the walk up not just to see the remains of the temple, but because the view from up there was awesome.

Teapot mountain in Jinguashi

Across from the park is the Teapot Mountain (茶壺山). Can you see where it got its name in the photo above?  

view along the coast near Jiufen

Driving back to Keelung there were more wonderful views along the coast. I hope to return to this area again very soon and spend more time here. There is a lot to see and appreciate.  

4 thoughts on “Trip to Jinguashi

  1. hihi! I am glad that you finally got there. it’s so beautiful isn’t it? As a matter of fact, the northern coast line is very beautiful (all the east coast is beautiful) especially during the sunny days. Usually I like to go there during autumn.

    And the tea pot mountain will look like a tea pot more if you go to another direction. And I will strong suggest you to climb up there. The view up from there is so spectacular!!!

    If you drive, next time you should spend over a night there so you can have more time to go to the tea house in Jiufenthe (try 阿婆芋圓,在九份國小旁邊那一家才是正宗的喔!夜景也很好), gold waterfall, 泥人吳(somebody makes a lot of horrible masks)and the other scenic spots and then drive all the way down from Jinguashi and back to Keelung next time. The view is great and you can sea the 陰陽海 and the 台金遺跡.
    And if you didn’t try the 芋粿 you should try that next time.

  2. Actually we did go back via Keelung. I saw the golden waterfall, but it was getting close to dark by then. I still managed to get a few nice photos along the coast just on dusk. I didn’t put them on my blog, but you can see them at flickr.

    Next time I’ll try to get there early in the morning so I have a full day to appreciate it.

  3. 不是啦,我的意思是說從金瓜石那邊下山不要從九份下山,金瓜石那邊下山的風景超美的。但是不論從金瓜石或是九份幾乎都會從基隆回去,除非你要走北宜支線。但是一般不塞車狀況,大家都會走基隆接高速公路。

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