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At the Bao-an Temple in Taipei

After the article in the Taipei Times about Taiwan blogs I noticed a new incoming link to my blog from zhaoman. However, when I visited the site I found I couldn't read it because it was written in Hungarian. Not long after an e-mail from zhaoman appeared in my inbox. He wrote:

Your post about the Taipei Times "Laowai blog on" made me read that article and refer to it, unfortunately (?) in Hungarian on my blog.

"For people that cannot read Chinese it is often difficult to get good information about Taiwan. I hope I can make a small contribution to increasing the amount of information about Taiwan available in English." [quoting David on Formosa]

I cannot agree more. My aim is similar, but I'm providing information only in Hungarian. In another language, that most of the people cannot understand. Only a few Hungarian readers are interested in Taiwan (hopefully more and more) and it's also not easy to find another Hungarian blogger in Taiwan (to be honest there are some, but they are not as eager as me).

Zhaoman is a student at Cheng Kung University in Tainan. He also gave me a link to Zuzana's blog. She lives in Tainan and blogs in Czech and English. There are lots of great photos on her blog, too.  

Another non-English language blog about Taiwan that I know of is Charlie in Wonderland, who blogs in Spanish. Another Spanish blog (with some English and Chinese) is Las Aventuras de Jesús en Taiwan (Jesus is the neighbour of another notable blogger, Daniel). 

A quick search at Technorati turned up Par ici Taiwan, a French blog. I am sure there are many more in French, German, Dutch, Japanese and other languages but I lack the language skills to find them. If you know any other blogs by foreigners in Taiwan in languages other than English or Chinese you can leave a link in the comments.  

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  1. In old houses or temples(not many), if you see carves or drawings haveing fruit or considered vegetables, the signs say “Bless you have many children”

  2. you can find on my blog many links to French blogs in Taiwan.
    (it’s nice to be the first French blog in Taiwan on Technorati !)

  3. We have a blog in the Dutch language about our family in Taiwan, filled with our experiences here. It started one year ago.

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