Xinzhuang temple parade video

Man with painted face and fangs at temple festival in Xinzhuang, Taipei County

At the temple festival in Xinzhuang I shot some video footage with a digital camera. I have edited it to create a short video. The quality of the video is not great. However, I hope it can convey some of the sounds and action of the event in a way that my photos cannot.

You can download it here (10.8 MB file) or watch it at YouTube or Google Video. I am happy for anybody to copy the video and share it. I hope it allows more people to appreciate the richness of Taiwanese culture. 

hand of a participant in the temple parade in Xinzhuang

4 thoughts on “Xinzhuang temple parade video

  1. you could also try google video. i have placed large files on there with no problems. they have an “uploader” you can use off-site for large files.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I uploaded it to Google Video and added the link above. I am not sure what the problem is with YouTube. The other videos I have uploaded there have been much larger files. The problem is probably related to my internet connection.

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