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photo by CleverClaire @ flickrThere is a new group for Taiwan travel videos on YouTube. There are some interesting videos of Taiwan's high mountains and also Atayal dances. I particularly like this one of the hip bells worn by the Atayal. While on the subject of the Atayal I must also recommend this wonderful photo set of the Atayal by CleverCl@i®ê at flickr. The photo above is from that set. 

Another interesting Taiwan video I found on YouTube was Youth travel in Taiwan. I guess it has been professionally produced for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. I think it does a good job of showing that Taiwan is rich in attractions beyond the most commonly promoted ones like Taipei 101 and the National Palace Museum. 

While I doubt Taiwan will ever be a mass tourism destination like Thailand there is plenty to be discovered here by the more adventurous traveller looking for something different.  

* photo by cleverCl@i®ê used under Creative Commons licence

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  1. 那個跳舞的原住民其實是賽夏族不是泰雅族喔!而且他們是在進行矮靈祭。每兩年一小祭、十年一大祭,是台灣原住民中很出名的祭典,也是賽夏族最有名的祭典。在過一陣子,卑南的原住民豐年祭也快要到了,供你參考囉!

    David\’s translation: That aboriginal dance is not by the Atayal tribe, it is actually by the Saisiyat tribe! They are having a ceremony for the \”short people\”. Every two years there is a small ceremony and there is a big one every ten years. It is one of the famous ceremonies of Taiwan\’s aboriginal people. It is also the most famous ceremony of the Saisayat. Soon the Beinan tribe will hold their annual harvest festival, you can check the link for more information.

  2. Shi-ru, thanks for your comment and additional information. I added a translation of your comment in English, because many people that read my blog cannot read Chinese.


  3. OK! I am so sorry! cuz to me it’s just easier to type in English! Sorry and I will do that in English next time.

  4. DEAR shiru_



    KIWAYHAYUN (Claire)

    David\’s translation: I think you may have some misunderstanding. This is the Atayal tribe. They are conducting the ceremony of the “cloth weaving” dance. Because I am Atayal; my husband was there and I took the photos. I welcome you to have a look at my photo album. It has photos of the Saisiyat “small people” ceremony and Atayal costumes, patterns and atmosphere. They both have a different appearance. [sorry if my translation is not perfect]

  5. AND, David….pleses do me a favor to translate my comment, too.
    because it’s important to other people know what;s going on here.
    I really care about that…and it’s my pleasure to see my picture here ^^*

  6. Clair,

    I am sorry, but I think the video in the You Tube is Saisiyat, right? because the dancing, the flag and the clothes all look like “short black people ceremony” but this picture here doesn’t look like Saisiyat.

  7. Hello all,

    I’m 100% positive that this is the Saisiyat people since I worked on a related project for the central mint in 2005 and did lots of research for it. You can see clearly the clan banners (肩旗/舞帽) and the back/hip rings (背響/臀鈴) in that YouTube clip. You can’t see them anywhere else b/c they are trademarks of the Saisiyat. Plus, they are very sacred and can be seen only in Pashta’ay (a.k.a ritual of the black dwarf god).

    As for the Tayal people, their long dress adorned w/ beads and shells (貝珠衣) and long dress stiched with bells (綴鈴長衣) are unique, which are different from the back/hip rings in the clip.

    Hope this info helps^^

  8. yes, that’s what I think cuz I was in 矮靈祭 last year and I never saw the bells in other aboriginal tribes before.

  9. It can be confusing, lol. To my knowledge, the pic shown here is one of Tayal people (Tayal is official name, but Atyal is widely used. Both refer to the same people), yet the YouTube clip was caught in a Saisiyat ritual. Thanks for bringing up the topic of Taiwan aboriginal culture^^*

  10. In other words, both Shi-ru and Claire are right. The dance clip on Youtube is from Saisiyat as pointed out by Shi-ru; while the people in the photo are Atayal as mentioned by Claire.

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