Public art in Nangang

inside the Nangang Software Park

On Saturday I joined a group from Zhongzheng Community College on an excursion to Nangang. Before going there I wondered whether there could possibly be any interesting to see there.

We went to visit the Nangang Software Park to see the public art there. First we had an introduction to the background of the artworks by some staff from the Taipei City Government Department of Cultural Affairs (台北市文化局). Then we went to see the works for ourselves.

Bent of Mind - public art in Nangang Software Park

The art work pictured above is called “Bent of Mind” by British artist Tony Cragg. You can see two faces in the bronze sculpture. It is probably the most impressive of the works in the Park.

Some of the people commented that the scale of some of the works didn’t match the grand scale of the buildings and diminished the character of the works. Some of the other works were had moving parts or flowing water and these were turned off on the weekend.

transformation by Lin Shu-min

The artwork above is “Transformation” by Lin Shu-min (林書民). The green hand is a 3-D hologram.

Overall I was quite impressed by the art and architecture of the Nangang Software Park. It showed the value of intelligent art and design in creating a good working environment.

I have created a gallery with more of photos of the Nangang Software Park.