Focusing on 101

After I got home from my trip to Sanxia on Saturday morning my friend Keith in Taipei called me and asked me to go hiking on Elephant Mountain (象山). It was to be my third hike in 24 hours!!!! Elephant Mountain is right on the edge of Taipei's Xinyi District. While it is not very tall, it offers marvellous views of Taipei and, in particular, Taipei 101.

Golden Orb Spider

We saw a big spider just like the one I saw when I went to Beitou with Prince Roy and Poagao a few weeks ago. I didn't take a photo last time, so this time I took one of my own.

Setting up the shot
Setting up the shot

Up on top of the mountain we saw this man with a big rack of cameras taking some photos. It was quite a beautiful scene in the late afternoon with Taipei 101, and the clouds in the sky lit by the sun from behind. I couldn't really capture it with my own camera, but I am sure this man did with the impressive set up that he had.

Cameras on 101
Cameras on 101

If you are looking for a quick and easy escape from the city I highly recommend Elephant Mountain. The paths are well constructed and easy to follow. There are also lights on the trail so you can go up there at night and enjoy the night time views of Taipei.